Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring (EM) is crucial to mitigating risks in your facility. Analytical Resource Laboratories has the expertise to assist you with developing and implementing your EM program and validating your cleaning processes.

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The first step is to determine your risks and assess your risk tolerances. This process might include the following questions:

  1. Which products do we produce which pose the greatest threat to cross-contamination?
  2. Do our products contain allergens, and how do we clean thoroughly enough to remove allergens from other parts of the facility and other products?
  3. Which equipment should we use to test the cleanliness of our machines following a full cleaning? How often should we monitor our environmental conditions?
  4. Based on these and other questions, ARL can formulate a detailed plan that will help you meet your quality objectives.

Most Commonly Requested Environmental Monitoring Analyses

  1. Critical Control Points
  2. Microbial Swabbing

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